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Summer is Here (Seedless Sundays Mix)

by seedsound on June 11, 2017, no comments

It’s gettin’ hot out here in Denver. So please enjoy this sunny techno / tech house mix with its sultry synth stylings and shuffly rhythms to help get you through the day. Lightly mixed so you can listen heavily.

Play Seedless Sundays – June 11, 2017 – 48:21

Download directly here.

Featuring the likes of labels like Energostatic, Electrolyt, Broque, and yes even the obligatory Thinner track ­čÖé

1 Marko F├╝rstenberg – Offener Tisch (Thinner)
2 Andrea Suglia – The Beach (Energostatic)
3 Falk – Urban Chaos (Electrolyt)
4 Stefan Tretau – Crush and the matter (Broque)
5 Falk – Endorphin (Electrolyt)
6 Ryko – Gone (Auflegware)
7 Izzat Man – Emptiness of the mind (Energostatic)
8 Dimitar Dodovski – Particle System (Yuki Yaki)
9 Max Jahn – Happy Little Droid (Broque)

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