Seedsound is a netlabel.  A virtual record label of free, stream-able, and affordable music.  We began in January 2004 and aspire to continually grow and evolve in our offerings and musical explorations. 2019 is our 15th anniversary and also marks our launch into Bandcamp and other potential outlets for our music. This includes “name your price” downloads in keeping with the original intent of freely available music but also allows for short-run and limited releases on physical formats such as cassette or CD. A few of the older albums from several years ago will also be getting some re-works and re-releases this year.

There is no specific genre to classify seedsound other than perhaps “electronic.” If you feel your music may be suitable for seedsound and would like to do a release here, please email: seedsound @ seedsound dot com or get in touch through the usual social media outlets. We’ll listen!

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