Sing the Song, by Noah Christopher

by seedsound on July 14, 2017, no comments

Sing the Song
by Noah Christopher

As part of Netlabel Day, seedsound offers a new release/single from Noah Christopher titled Sing the Song. Hey, it’s free, so why not have a listen and/or a download? And check out all these other participants in the Netlabel Day event here.

listen to Sing the Song.

Download 192k MP3 audio here.

Download FLAC audio here.

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Fantasy Ambient (Seedless Sundays Mix)

by seedsound on June 18, 2017, no comments

Take a walk on the fantastic side of life. Is it ambient music, a soundtrack, or “dungeon synth?” What do you call it?

Play Seedless Sundays – June 18, 2017 – 40:07

Download directly here.


1 makunouchi bento – two mechanical snowghosts
2 SpyEfex – Far From Home
3 Soporific Sorcery – Malevolent Motives
4 KRiOS – Moon In The River
5 makunouchi bento – ielaidoim (edit)
6 Soporific Sorcery – Epicurean Impish Emotionalist
7 Klaus Morlock – Lovely Molly
8 Shiftless – Emanating Spirits
9 Foglord – Path Through the Trees


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Summer is Here (Seedless Sundays Mix)

by seedsound on June 11, 2017, no comments

It’s gettin’ hot out here in Denver. So please enjoy this sunny techno / tech house mix with its sultry synth stylings and shuffly rhythms to help get you through the day. Lightly mixed so you can listen heavily.

Play Seedless Sundays – June 11, 2017 – 48:21

Download directly here.

Featuring the likes of labels like Energostatic, Electrolyt, Broque, and yes even the obligatory Thinner track 🙂

1 Marko Fürstenberg – Offener Tisch (Thinner)
2 Andrea Suglia – The Beach (Energostatic)
3 Falk – Urban Chaos (Electrolyt)
4 Stefan Tretau – Crush and the matter (Broque)
5 Falk – Endorphin (Electrolyt)
6 Ryko – Gone (Auflegware)
7 Izzat Man – Emptiness of the mind (Energostatic)
8 Dimitar Dodovski – Particle System (Yuki Yaki)
9 Max Jahn – Happy Little Droid (Broque)

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Seedless Sundays is Back! (Seedless Sundays mix)

by seedsound on June 4, 2017, no comments

hey there lil' sweet pea

This week is an eclectic mix of new and old and includes tracks from classic netlabels such as One, Monotonik, and 12rec.

Play Seedless Sundays – June 4, 2017 – 44:55

After about, well, 12 years, I’ve decided it’s time to reboot this weekly feature — Seedless Sundays. It’s Seedless because it’s comprised of music not necessarily produced by Seedsound artists, and it’s Sundays because it’s… Sunday. These weekly mixes will be made up of all kinds of netaudio / netlabel music that fits a theme or genre each week. And typically the music can be found free or very affordably (, name your price at BandCamp, etc).

Download directly here.

1 Gumbel – County Mindscape (Nostress)
2 5-Foot Nothing – Broken English (For Kelly) (Zardonic Recordings)
3 relative q – your distant eyes (one)
4 Northbound – Torches (monotonik)
5 Bledi Boraku – Ndalese 2 (Bump Foot)
6 The Abbasi Brothers – The Social Evening (In 1992) (Lost Children)
7 Nienvox – Transparent Mood’s Boogie (Bump Foot)
8 Giraffe – Smoke and Mirrors (12rec)
9 The Black Hakawati – There’s a Hole at the End of the Tunnel (Clinical Archives)
10 TwichGarden – Alpha (PICPACK)
11 Glander – Variation a1 (Yuki Yaki)


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10 Years Compilation, Various Artists (seed029cd)

by seedsound on November 1, 2015, no comments

Full article and release page

This compilation represents 10 years of the Seedsound label (2004-2014) and is the first physical media release we’ve put together!

This is a FREE CD release limited to 50 copies and contains choice tracks from artists gracious enough to submit their work over the years. Hand-assembled and complied from the original wave files onto “vinyl” styled CDs. Thanks to all of you for helping make Seedsound something great! If you’re interested in a free copy, contact us here for email etc. All we ask is that you cover the small shipping cost for media mail (typically less than $4 in the USA).

Check out the audio previews below (160kbps). Thanks for listening!

01 Lost Waters by Observation Point
02 Rites of Spring by Noah Christopher
03 Deeper by Hypnautica
04 Doloop to Me by Paranerd
05 Ebb by Amoebafunk
06 Double Litotes by Eric McIntyre
07 24 Hour Wobbly People by Magnetic Assassin
08 Sunloop by Frequent Sync

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250mg, by Paranerd (seed028)

by seedsound on March 23, 2014, no comments

by Paranerd

It’s been too long since we’ve had a release here on Seedsound, so it’s with great joy that we bring you Paranerd’s 250mg album. Paranerd has been a favorite musician of mine for several years, and I’ve been following him since his 2004 release Cold Reflect from the One netlabel. 250mg has only recently seen the light of day since it was originally recorded in 2002. Graciously, Paranerd (aka Paul Goguen) sent it my way after I asked if he wouldn’t mind doing a release on Seedsound. He agreed, and now this album has been brought back to life and neatly packaged for your listening enjoyment. To put it simply and without over-genrefying, Paranerd’s music has been referred to as ‘braindance,’ which immediately makes sense upon listening.

The short and neat “Ponkid,” the album’s first track, is quintessentially Paranerd. This soft intro grounds the listener and is immediately recognizable for the way it represents the likes of an Atari or Commodore game sequence. All the songs contain broken-beat rhythm sections comprised of what sound like old Roland beat boxes being used at their best: a bit bent, clipped, and cut up to create all new instrumentation and sounds. The song “Doloop” foreshadows Paranerd’s Cold Reflect while the last track “Clusps2” brings the album to a close with a more experimental and complex melodic treatment also hinting at the future of Paranerd’s music. Overall, 250mg (re)captures an entire era of netaudio many cherish while reminding us that this music is still as fun and relevant as ever.  At barely 20 minutes total, you’ll find it a great listen and a bright gem to add to your netlabel collection.

-=Listen=- (192k mp3 audio stream)

01 Ponkid
02 Prison
03 Blawr
04 Doloop
05 Prettydum
06 Clusps2

Download the full album (320k mp3) and cover art.

More about:

Paranerd’s BandCamp page
Paranerd’s SoundCloud page

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The Fire Season, by Observation Point (seed027)

by seedsound on December 18, 2011, no comments

by Observation Point

Always a pleasure, Observation Point produces yet another brilliant album of ambiance. more →

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Familiar Fields, by Frequent Sync (seed026)

by seedsound on September 20, 2009, 2 comments

by Frequent Sync

Frequent Sync is the collaborative ambient project of Jacob Newman and Darren Harper. Distant environments, textured movement, and discreet melody combine to usher the experiment in sound. Music for quiet moments.

Familiar Fields marks the first full-length ambient/drone album (also the debut by the FreqSync duo) featured here on the label. It is hauntingly calm and quiet, with more →

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Bumper Beat Suite Sampler EP, by Eric McIntyre (seed025)

by seedsound on May 3, 2009, no comments

by Eric McIntyre

After a hiatus here on Seedsound, Eric (the mind behind Groovescape Recordings) returns with a proper sonic wallop – the Bumper Beat Suite series. This sampler/EP captures the essence of detail and depth that went into the overall album, more →

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of Pulses and Drones, by Observation Point (seed024)

by seedsound on April 8, 2009, no comments

by Observation Point

Description from the artist’s website: “Space, tones and rhythm.”

– An accurate (albeit humble) summary of Observation Point’s 5-track release, of Pulses and Drones.  The perfect getaway, Pulses is an album for thoughtful daydreaming and playful meditation. This is the unmistakable balance of space, tones, and rhythm that makes OP a favorite here at Seedsound.


Entire album and cover art –
of Pulses and Drones

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