Epocolypse, by Etheriden (seed044)

Second full-length album by Etheriden. Long-form / continuous mix audio journey. The soundtrack of humanity’s end… or beginning.

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Sound of Land Vol. 1, by Noah Christopher (seed040)

Noah Christopher begins a series of excursions into nature. Sound of Land Vol. 1 captures wind and stillness near Flourissant, Colorado in October of 2019. Light, airy piano is added to the field recordings according to mood.

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Trope, by Macroscopic (seed039)

Macroscopic provides us with a short album of techy, 303-lined tracks based somewhat loosely on theatrical tropes.

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The Valley, by Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia (Remake)

The Valley by Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia
(Noah Christopher’s 932 Short Table Remake)

As part of Netlabel Day 2019, Seedsound’s Noah Christopher offers a remake of PWOG’s classic “The Valley” off of their amazing 1991 Maenad EP/single. Be sure to check out all the other participants in the Netlabel Day event here. Preview / download below:

Download 192k MP3 audio here.

Download 24 bit FLAC audio here.

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250mg, by Paranerd (seed028cs)

Originally appearing here on Seedsound in 2014, it is now available as WAV/FLAC etc. as well as cassette via Bandcamp.

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3/03 Day Vol. 1, by Polyline

3/03 Day Vol. 1
by Polyline

Polyline, a long-ago moniker from Seedsound, returns with a fast paced acid jam single. Polyline’s previous music (found somewhere within our Archive link above) was quirky, sometimes riddled with non-sequiturs, and typically contained broken beats or electro-esque underpinnings. This 3/03 Day single captures that spirit but with an in-your-face 303 line (TB-03, for those keeping score) and nuanced, micro-rhythm section that could be classified more broadly within the D&B or IDM genres.

Look out for more Polyline music headed this way in 2019.

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