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It’s been too long since we’ve had a release here on Seedsound, so it’s with great joy that we bring you Paranerd’s 250mg album. Paranerd has been a favorite musician of mine for several years, and I’ve been following him since his 2004 release Cold Reflect from the One netlabel. 250mg has only recently seen the light of day since it was originally recorded in 2002. Graciously, Paranerd (aka Paul Goguen) sent it my way after I asked if he wouldn’t mind doing a release on Seedsound. He agreed, and now this album has been brought back to life and neatly packaged for your listening enjoyment. To put it simply and without over-genrefying, Paranerd’s music has been referred to as ‘braindance,’ which immediately makes sense upon listening.

The short and neat “Ponkid,” the album’s first track, is quintessentially Paranerd. This soft intro grounds the listener and is immediately recognizable for the way it represents the likes of an Atari or Commodore game sequence. All the songs contain broken-beat rhythm sections comprised of what sound like old Roland beat boxes being used at their best: a bit bent, clipped, and cut up to create all new instrumentation and sounds. The song “Doloop” foreshadows Paranerd’s Cold Reflect while the last track “Clusps2” brings the album to a close with a more experimental and complex melodic treatment also hinting at the future of Paranerd’s music. Overall, 250mg (re)captures an entire era of netaudio many cherish while reminding us that this music is still as fun and relevant as ever.  At barely 20 minutes total, you’ll find it a great listen and a bright gem to add to your netlabel collection.

-=Listen=- (192k mp3 audio stream)

Download the full album (320k mp3) and cover art.

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