250mg, by Paranerd (seed028cs)

Originally appearing here on Seedsound in 2014, it is now available as WAV/FLAC etc. as well as cassette via Bandcamp.

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3/03 Day Vol. 1, by Polyline

3/03 Day Vol. 1
by Polyline

Polyline, a long-ago moniker from Seedsound, returns with a fast paced acid jam single. Polyline’s previous music (found somewhere within our Archive link above) was quirky, sometimes riddled with non-sequiturs, and typically contained broken beats or electro-esque underpinnings. This 3/03 Day single captures that spirit but with an in-your-face 303 line (TB-03, for those keeping score) and nuanced, micro-rhythm section that could be classified more broadly within the D&B or IDM genres.

Look out for more Polyline music headed this way in 2019.

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